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New Brand Launched

Lisa Michl has recently launched Cape York Art is an Aboriginal owned and operated business that showcases art and design products from Cape York Peninsula. Lisa has established the online company to connect audiences with talented […]

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Products In Development

Cape York artists, Lisa Michl, Shaun Edwards, Dorothy Edwards, Stephen Patterson and Priscilla Major are hard at work developing an exclusive range of new products which feature the vibrant motifs of their traditional homelands. Shimmering blue […]

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The Land Needs It’s People

After 17 years and four court hearings, the children of four Cape York tribes will be reconnected with traditional land and customs. On 31 October 2014 the Yir Yoront, Kokobera, Kunjen and Kokoberrin Peoples were […]

Our Story

Aboriginal artworks from Cape York Peninsula are among some of the most exciting and collectable works available today. Here you’ll find out what makes them so appealing and get a better understanding of the unique cultures behind them.

We’ll introduce you to the talented Aboriginal artists and designers taking international art and fashion markets by storm and share information about how they have merged traditional techniques with cutting edge technology to develop innovative new works. Find out more about the history of Cape York Peninsula and start planning your trip to this beautifully wild region. It’s all here for you to discover.

Making art is a way to share aspects of our traditional Cape York lifestyle and build a better understanding about Aboriginal cultures. (Lisa Michl Ko-manggén)

Unique Artworks