Dorothy Edwards Biography

Born: 16 May 1955 at Cairns, Queensland

Language Group: Kokoberrin, Area: Central Western Cape York Peninsula

Community: Cairns – Kowanyama – Normanton

Homeland: Pinarrinch

Totem: Minmandel (Grey and white Fish Hawk)

Clan Story Place: Water Fairy

Dorothy Edwards is a talented Kokoberrin artist from Western Cape York Peninsula in Queensland. Her homelands on her mother’s and grandmother’s side are known as Pinnarinch and stretch between Staaten River National Park in the south and north to Nassau River, including Wyabba Creek and Dorunda Lodge area. The beautiful and remote lands of Pinnarinch encompass several important clan story places with Water Fairy being one of them.

Dorothy has always expressed an interest in creating art and has nurtured her children’s love for art from a very early age. Her artworks are colourful celebrations of traditional and contemporary life in North Queensland. Whether it is collecting bush tucker or preparing for ceremony, the sheer enthusiasm Dorothy has for her culture always shines through in her artworks. In recognition of this Dorothy was presented with the Laura Art Award in 2012 for her work titled, Waterloo.

Dorothy says,

Making artworks connects me with my ancestors and my culture. I can remember being on country collecting bush foods or weaving fishing nets and making pandanus arm bands with my mum and aunties. Some of those things we still do today and it’s through making artworks and practising our skills that things get passed on to the next generation. I’m proud of my children for being strong leaders and learning about their Kokoberrin culture so that is remains strong into the future.