Stylised dilly bag concept.
Rare Staaten River dilly bag .
Cape York Art is an Aboriginal owned and operated company that showcases art and design products from Cape York Peninsula. It was established to connect audiences with talented Cape York artists and profile their artistic styles. This website is intended to be a resource for astute art collectors wanting to learn more about the dynamic artworks being produced in the region. While many collectors know about Western Desert and Arnhem art, they are only just discovering what makes the art from Cape York so collectable.
Our beautiful logo is based on a Staaten River dilly bag found in the 1900s which forms part of the Walter Roth Collection at the Australian National Museum in Sydney. The orange ochre and blood red colours used in the logo are faithful to the original artefact and are also signature colours of the Kokoberrin clan group. Dilly bags have been used throughout millennia by Aboriginal people to carry items of significance. Today the Cape York Art brand signifies the bringing together of exclusive products from artists across Cape York for audiences to share and enjoy.The business was developed by Kokoberrin artist, Lisa Michl Ko-manggén in 2001 after completing a visual arts degree. Lisa has gone on to develop a distinctive style of art based on traditional stories from Western Cape York and achieved national acclaim for her exquisite paintings and prints. Many people will know of Lisa’s work through inclusion in the Cairns Indigenous Art Fair and prominent exhibitions in Australia and overseas. In expanding her business Lisa has sought to profile other leading artists from Cape York Peninsula in order to promote their individual talents and strong connection to country. Lisa says,
Cape York Art has been established as a pathway for Aboriginal artists to further develop their arts practice. It’s a way for us to work together to promote the Cape York Art Movement and share opportunities.
Cape York Art presents the latest paintings, prints, gifts, apparel and jewellery from these talented artists. It offers you the opportunity to support Aboriginal owned and operated businesses directly through your purchase.
The Kowanyama Keeping Place is an identified priority area for our clan groups from the Kowanyama area. Over the years our ancestors have created many artefacts and fibre works. Due to the lifelong work and dedication of Mr. Viv Sinnamon our families have been successful in the return of many artefacts from private and public collections from within Australia and throughout the world.

Through Cape York Art we are raising funds so that the Kowanyama Keeping Place will be a state of the art facility that ensures the safe keeping of traditional artefacts and craft works for our people to view these item of significance and learn more about the intricacies in which they were created and their fundamental uses with our traditional Kokoberrin lifestyle.

This documentary was produced in 2010 for the Kowanayama people to help raise funds for their new Culture Centre. Kowanyama is a town on the Gulf of Carpentaria side of Cape York Peninsula in Far North Queensland, Australia.