Shaun Edwards Biography

Born: 17th April 1975 in Cairns, Queensland

Language Group: Kokoberrin

Area: Western Cape York Peninsula

Homelands: Pinnarinch

Community: Cairns – Kowanyama

Clan story place: Water Fairy

Totem Name: Sour Yam

Bush Name: Kalk

Shaun Edwards is a celebrated Kokoberrin artist and designer from Western Cape York Peninsula in Queensland. His homelands on his mother’s and grandmother’s side are known as Pinnarinch and stretch between Staaten River National Park in the south and north to Nassau River, including Wyabba Creek and Dorunda Lodge area. The beautiful and remote lands of Pinnarinch encompass several important clan story places which Shaun celebrates through his art and design works.

In addition to his art and design activities Shaun is also a strong advocate for Indigenous advancement. He was the founder of the joyous Kowanyama Baby Festival and is a graduate of the Cape York Institute’s Young Leaders programme.

Shaun’s creative works have been inspired by time spent on traditional homelands and the stories handed down to him by his ancestors. His artworks have been widely exhibited in Australian and can be found in the collection of the Art Gallery of New South Wales and prominent international collections. In recent years Shaun has developed the fashion label, Wild Barra. Launching his range of shimmering swimwear at the inaugural Australian Indigenous Fashion Week in 2014 Shaun’s designs were immediately recognised by the industry as something fresh and exciting. Shaun say’s,

I’ve developed a bold and beautiful swimwear range that is inspired by motifs and colours of our beautiful Cape York region. It’s a celebration of Kokoberrin culture and I’m proud to see Aboriginal models wearing my designs on fashion runways.

Shaun’s Wild Barra label also featured as part of the Australian G20 Cultural Celebrations in 2014 with five designs projected onto the Magistrates Courts in Brisbane. Shaun has big plans for Wild Barra and has begun working on a new collection, but for now he is keen to establish the brand as a proud Australian Made product promoting a strong sense of cultural reconciliation and style to the world.